Practice Management

Accelerate Revenue and Productivity

Medilink provide services in association with SequelMed which offers exclusive medical billing solutions for healthcare professionals, physicians, clinicians, medical office administrators and medical billing companies with its premium medical billing software.

Developed by a team of dedicated professionals who understand the challenges of traditional billing software, SequelMed’ billing solutions transform electronic medical billing software into a solution that exceeds expectations. As a result, patients get advanced reporting tied to reimbursements and claims processing, while physicians get more time to focus on their patients rather than claims and insurance management.

Our HIPAA-compliant online medical billing solutions are easily usable and our technology is able to handle queries to multiple insurance companies maintaining the highest levels of security for patient information, making our electronic medical billing solution a safe, secure and feature-rich option for billing companies and healthcare professionals alike.

Key Features;
·        Comprehensive Case Management
·        Financial Management
·        Automated Batch Processing
·        Extensive Claim Scrubbing
·        Document Management
·        Plan Specific Edits and Regulations
·        Enterprise-wide Roll-up Reporting
·        Automated and Integrated Document Management
·        EMR Integration
·        Hassle-Free Maintenance/ Free upgrades
· Top Rated Support