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Health Care Management

Our Vision:

Is to provide superior health care services that: Patients recommend to their families and friends,physicians prefer for their patients, employees are proud of, and investors seek for long term results.

Our Mission:

Is to be the Market Leader in providing Quality Healthcare Solutions to our customers where ever they are!

Our Values:

Medilink believes in core values based on Dedication, Compassion and Integrity in all it's dealings. .


We bring the best of Public Sector & Commercial Expertise to our Project;

Medilink Shareholders

Created to export global knowledge of health care for the benefit of populations throughout the world, our strength is built on a foundation of internationally known and respected institutions that have been dedicated to the development and continual improvement of the acclaimed health care system. Over seventy of these prestigious organizations are Medilink Partners.

An innovative and progressive

Company, Medilink partners include many of world's most prominent health care companies, consultants and educators, as well as Ministries of Health, industries, public sector, oil & gas sector and remote sites.

Medilink is unique. We move well beyond consulting and offer the best of world healthcare services and technology. We establish partnerships in client countries through management contracts, equity participation and joint venture relationships.

We use proprietary management tools to integrate our operations. Our ability to handle start-ups and difficult operations efficiently and cost effectively makes us an exceptional partner.

Medilink is one of the few Global companies able to bring the best of Eastern & Western practices, and technology to the world in a manner that meets public and commercial objectives. We provide health care facility restructuring, planning, management and operations. We are ready to become a partner in a broad range of health care projects.

We specialize in the operation of Hospitals around the world

Medilink Offers Access to global health care systems, consultants and experts. We work closely with our shareholders, giving you access to valuable resources. We maintain strong relationships with our health care groups and organizations as well, enabling Medilink to offer a comprehensive range of services and expertise.

Medilink brings You the skills of global health care management and health care delivery specialists - people with unrivaled experience at home and board. Medilink has expertise covering the full spectrum of the health care services including:

  • Health facility management and operations
  • Health system planning and restructuring
  • Consultancy and project development
  • Educational services
  • Policy formulation and evaluation
  • Establishment of laboratory and diagnostic services
  • Product supply

We specialize in provision and maintenance of all kind of medical equipments, instruments and consumables..

Medilink specializes in new and refurbished diagnostic medical systems, lab equipment, hospital supplies, disposable and consumable items, dental & veterinary products. We have the complete resources and a qualified team having all the required experience of delivering well-maintained units in Pakistan as well as in the GCC countries. We are also service solution providers, providing entire bio-medical technical services required by the various customers in the healthcare sector already acquiring medical equipment but lack after-sales services. This includes routine maintenance and repair services mainly for the hospitals on annual contract basis or on call-basis. .


We provide new technology & advance research creating innovative solutions....

Medilink will help You plan, design, or refurbish your hospital or health care facility to meet the best standards of modern health care. Our planning, architecture and constructions partners have built rural, remote site and community hospitals and highly specialized institutions in various sectors.

Medilink provides a variety of services including:

  • Health facility planning
  • Site selection
  • Project management
  • Costing and economic feasibility studies
  • Population need assessment

    We provide long term strategic planning, for your health care organization...

    Medilink will assist organizations and governments in building vital long-term strategic plans. We can provide effective expertise to help institutions make critical changes, incorporate new technology, and can design and implement a new health information system.

    Medilink provides strategic consulting experience in:

    • Community needs analysis
    • Health promotion I Public education
    • Community-based health planning
    • Policy formulation
    • Health program development
    • Facilitation of organizational change
    • Accreditation by International Certification
    • Bodies like, ISO, Health Mark, JCIA.
    • Our consultants are equipped to educate health professionals to provide needed services of the highest quality, and to ensure that your health facilities are expertly planned and designed to meet the most demanding healthcare of international standards. Medilink has helped a wide array of clients to assess requirements and build plans that meet future needs in a responsive and cost-effective matter.



      Medilink will assist organizations and governments in building vital loMedilink Recruitment's Goal is to offer clients and candidates an environment of respect and professionalism. Our industry knowledge and network is comprehensive. Our mission is to find the best candidate to fit your needs. We have a large database of potential candidates and an extensive international referral network. To ensure you access only quality staff,we:

      • Take time to understand your organization and its staffing needs.
      • Use experienced health care professionals to assess candidates to fit to your organization.
      • Provide extensive logistical assistance to ensure candidate readiness.
      • Undertake comprehensive referencing.
      • Medilink has experience in evaluating the quality of professionals from many countries. We have the knowledge of available supply in the international market. We deal with a very broad and extensive base of clients throughout the world, and are familiar with training programs and hospitals across the globe